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English citations of tip

  • southernmost, southern; Shah'Keyah Jah, easternmost[northern], page rubbish:
  • southernmost, southern, easternmost[northern], page rubbish:
  • 2002, Eric Jerome Dickey, Thieves' paradise:
    Nothing major on the grift tip, but still more than the average hustler. His specialty used to be going into the DMV to sneak tests with all the right answers to people.
  • 2008, Tysha; Eric Gray, Mark Anthony, Around the Way Girls[1], page 278:
    "What's good?" I asked the bodyguard-looking dude. He didn't respond to me, and I didn't want to just straight-out ask for Tito because I didn't know what was what at that point. "Yo, what's the tip in, and what's the tip out?
  • 2003, Torrance Stephens, Rockstar, Stud, Gigolo, page 69:
    "So you are still on the Tequila tip, huh?" "And you know it!" I exclaimed, tasting both drinks to make sure that they met my requirements.

Not durably archived[edit]

  • 2011, Andrea Plaid, Nafi Diallo Stencil - please weigh in, EndViolenceAgainstWomen, July 30, [2]
    The last big campaign where "we are xyz' got seriously criticized was the "We Are Africa" campaign, mostly on the appropriation tip.