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English citations of truthiness

  1. truthfulness
    • [1844] 1854, Memoirs of Joseph John Gurney, Joseph Bevan Braithwaite ed. [1]
      How delightful have the Scriptures been to me of late seasons! I have been struck with the truthiness which is so evident in their apparent contradictions. These are generally capable of being easily reconciled; but they do indeed mark the genuineness and authenticity of the whole.
    • [1882] c. 1890 Noctes Ambrosianae, cited in The Century Dictionary [2]
      Truthiness is a habit, like every other virtue. There I hold by the Peripatetics.
  2. (humorous)
    • 2005 October 17, Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report[3]:
      The truthiness is: Anyone can read the news to you. I promise to feel the news at you.
    • 2005 December 25, Jacques Steinberg, “2005: In a Word; Truthiness”, The New York Times [4]
      the pundit who probably drew the most attention in 2005 was only playing one on TV: Stephen Colbert, who presides over a "Daily Show" spinoff...
    • 2006 January 22, Frank Rich, “Truthiness 101: From Frey to Alito”, The New York Times [5]
    • 2006 April 1, Gary Stager, “Stop the curriculum, there's a chance to learn: the measurable learning outcomes of Coretta Scott King”, District Administration, Professional Media Group LLC
      Perhaps the greatest lessons were to be found beyond the curriculum. In an age of "truthiness" and war, the world was reminded of the power of truth and peace. Love, forgiveness and citizenship were demonstrated...
      The mock Comedy Central pundit Stephen Colbert's slinging of the word 'truthiness' caught on instantaneously last year precisely because we live in the age of truthiness.
    • 2006 August/September, “Immigration now, immigration tomorrow, immigration forever: reason's guide to reality-based reform”, in Reason[6], Reason Foundation, ISSN 0048-6906:
      Even in the halls of Congress, economic arguments against immigration are losing their aura of truthiness, so pro-enforcement types are focusing on national security.
    • 2007 February 21, Dr. Moira Gunn, “Jeffrey Peterson - Tiny Isoforms in Proteins”, BioTech Nation, GigaVox Media [7]
      Moira Gunn: Well, there’s a number of people looking for the monogamous gene. They're looking for [laughing] I think a truthfulness gene. It’ll be interesting, this. Maybe even a—Steven Colbert—truthiness gene. I mean when—you never know.
      David Ewing Duncan: There is some evidence that there is [sic] some political genes.
    • 2007 April 1, Jonathan Dobrer, “In Praise of Fools”, Daily News, Los Angeles
      Fools may act silly and, well, foolish, but, underneath, their real job is to speak, sing, rhyme and uncover for the sake of something more profound.... Fools, like prophets, have the job of truth-telling -- real truth, not just the all-too-common "truthiness," as one of today's great fools, Steven Colbert, puts it.
    • 2007 April 12, “Editorial Attack of the Attack Ads Mailers Can Be Silly, but They Ought to Say Something”, Daily News, editorial, Los Angeles
      CAMPAIGN mailers have never been seen as vehicles of truth in advertising. Indeed, they generally fall on the side of "truthiness."
    • 2012 September 18, Mark Memmott, “Romney's Wrong And Right About The '47 Percent'” [8], The Two-Way, National Public Radio
      So what about the "truthiness" of Romney's comments? [] Romney has earned "three Pinocchios" from The Washington Post's The Fact Checker.
    • 2013, Mary Roach, chapter 8, in Gulp:
      Like the contemporary urban myth, tales of stomach frogs and "bosom serpents" persisted because they have truthiness.