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Proper noun[edit]


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  1. (business) Initialism of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
    • 2015, (Staff), "Biopharma Manufacturing In The EMEA Region", Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, September 2015, Putnam Media, page 12:
      To lend transparency and illuminate the regions' activity in this sector, analysts at EVOLUTION Gloal Talent Attraction put together an accessible, informative infographic that assessed 265 facilities across the 35 different countries that make up the EMEA region.
  2. Initialism of European Medicines Evaluation Agency.
    • 2006, Charles Q. Choi, "Old MacDonald's Pharm", Scientific American, 295(3): 24.
      This past February, an EMEA committee rejected ATryn, considering the five surgical cases that GTC offered insufficient.

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