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The show was originally called the Brisbane Exhibition, commonly shortened to Ekka.


Proper noun[edit]


  1. (Australia, Queensland, colloquial) The Royal Queensland Show.
    • 1995, The Bulletin, Issues 5977-5985, page 98,
      The Queensland Chamber of Commerce questioned the Ekka (the Exhibition - Brisbane′s annual show) public holiday, complaining of loss of productivity.
    • 2006, Andrew Stafford, Pig City: From the Saints to Savage Garden page 231,
      Hundreds came to Rock Against The Queen (on the Queen's Birthday) or the Ekka (on Exhibition Day in August).
    • 2008, Jennifer Clark, Aborigines & Activism: Race, Aborigines & the Coming of the Sixties to Australia, page 226,
      At this point the Exhibition Grounds remained the only reasonable choice but when the Queensland Royal National Association also refused permission, the Queensland Cabinet declared a State of Emergency in order to acquire the ground and to counter union boycotts which may have threatened the Ekka, the agricultural exhibition to be held in August.