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The show was originally called the Brisbane Exhibition, commonly shortened to Ekka.


Proper noun[edit]


  1. (Australia, Queensland, colloquial) The Royal Queensland Show.
    • 1995, The Bulletin, Issues 5977-5985, page 98,
      The Queensland Chamber of Commerce questioned the Ekka (the Exhibition - Brisbane′s annual show) public holiday, complaining of loss of productivity.
    • 2006, Andrew Stafford, Pig City: From the Saints to Savage Garden[1], page 231:
      Hundreds came to Rock Against The Queen (on the Queen's Birthday) or the Ekka (on Exhibition Day in August).
    • 2008, Jennifer Clark, Aborigines & Activism: Race, Aborigines & the Coming of the Sixties to Australia[2], page 226:
      At this point the Exhibition Grounds remained the only reasonable choice but when the Queensland Royal National Association also refused permission, the Queensland Cabinet declared a State of Emergency in order to acquire the ground and to counter union boycotts which may have threatened the Ekka, the agricultural exhibition to be held in August.