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From Old French Elaine, a variant of Elene, cognate to Helen, ultimately from Ancient Greek Ἑλένη (Helénē). A Celtic origin has also been suggested since the name appears in Arthurian legend.


Proper noun[edit]


  1. A female given name.
    • 1859 Alfred Tennyson: Lancelot and Elaine:
      Elaine the fair, Elaine the lovable,
      Elaine, the lily maid of Astolat,
      High in her chamber up a tower to the east
      Guarded the sacred shield of Lancelot;
    • 1988 Margaret Atwood: Cat's Eye: page 278:
      My own mother named me after her best friend, as women did in those days. Elaine, which I once found too plaintive. I wanted something more definite, a monosyllable: Dot or Pat, like a foot set down. Nothing you could make a mistake about; nothing watery. But my name has solidified around me, with time. I think of it as tough but pliable now, like a well-worn glove.