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Central Franconian[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


From Old High German fenster, from Latin finestra.



Finster f or n (plural Finstere, diminutive Finsterche)

  1. (most of Ripuarian, parts of Moselle Franconian) window
    • 1931, “Die Mösch”‎[1], performed by Willi Ostermann:
      Mer setzen des Meddaachs jewöhnlich en der Köch,
      Weil et do am schönsten es.
      De Finster steiht op, op eimol flüch en Mösch
      Bei uns eren un setz sich op der Desch.
      Around lunchtime we usually sit in the kitchen,
      Because it’s most pleasant there.
      The window is open, suddenly a sparrow
      Flies in to us and sits down on the table.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Always feminine in Moselle Franconian. Ripuarian usage varies.