FlatB@NearShoulder-PalmBack-FlatB@BaseInForearm-PalmBack FlatB@SideAbdomenhigh-PalmUp-FlatB@BaseInForearm-PalmBack

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American Sign Language[edit]


Represents the rising sun during the morning.


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  • This two-handed ASL sign is produced as follows:
    1. Posture the nondominant hand in the “flat B” handshape in the crook of the dominant arm, nondominant palm facing back. Posture the dominant hand in the “flat B” handshape with the elbow against the abdomen and the arm straight up, dominant palm facing up.
    2. Bring the dominant arm up until the palm is facing back near the shoulder with the nondominant hand still in the crook of the elbow.


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  1. morning

Derived terms[edit]