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Proper noun[edit]

Hélène f

  1. A female given name, cognate with English Helen.

Related terms[edit]




From French Hélène. First recorded in Sweden in 1810.

Proper noun[edit]

Hélène c (genitive Hélènes)

  1. A female given name.
    • 2010 Pirkko Lindberg, Hotell Hemlängtan, Schildts, →ISBN, page 387:
      Hur han visste att hon hette detta Hélène med de lustiga strecken över bokstaven e? Nå, Hangö var en mycket liten stad.
      How he knew that her name was this Hélène with the funny dashes over the letter e? Well, Hanko was a very little town.

Usage notes[edit]

  • The name has spelled or misspelled many ways in Swedish, for example Heléne, Héléne, Hélene, and Helene.


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