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Proper noun


Human (plural Humans)

  1. A surname.
  2. (humorous) The language supposedly spoken by humans
    • 2001, Bruce J. Malina, The New Testament World: Insights from Cultural Anthropology, Westminster John Knox Press, →ISBN, page 13:
      Should you identify your language (culture) with human being (nature), you would tend to think that all people should speak Human (English), just as you do. And if they do not, they are either subhuman or nonhuman. This is ethnocentrism again.
    • 2005, Jean Little, Forward, Shakespeare!, Orca Book Publishers, →ISBN, page 2:
      Shakespeare could understand Human, the language used by people, as well as Dog, the telepathic speech with which canines communicated with each other.
    • 2006, Andrew Cope, Spy Dog: Captured!, Penguin UK, →ISBN, page 12:
      Lara's biggest frustration was that she could only speak one language – her native tongue of Dog. She would have loved to learn to speak Human but this was beyond the spy-training programme.
    • 2010, Piers Anthony, Knot Gneiss: An Astonishing, Wildly Witty Xanth Adventure, Macmillan, →ISBN, page 42:
      “I haven't been able to speak Human very long,” Dipper said.
    • 2013, Scott Haworth, The Unlikely Defenders - Volume 1, page 108:
      That's what their language is called. Monibar. It's not like we speak Human.


  • According to the 2010 United States Census, Human is the 16696th most common surname in the United States, belonging to 1715 individuals. Human is most common among White (85.42%) individuals.