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Alternative forms[edit]


Cognate across Volta-Niger, where it the term has remained relatively constant across all the languages, making it potentially possible to reconstruct the root all the way to Proto-Volta-Niger, (see Proto-Volta-Niger *-ká). Cognate with Igala Ẹ̀ká, Isekiri Ẹ̀ká ultimately derived from Proto-Yoruboid *ɛ̀-ká, see there for more cognates.


Proper noun[edit]


  1. The eleventh principal sign of the Ifa divination system
  2. The eleventh of the àpólà or sixteen categories in the odù Ifá, consisting of the eleventh principal chapter, (Ìká méjì) and the other fifteen chapters of Ìká
    Synonym: àpólà Ìká
  3. The eleventh chapter of the Odù Ifá corpus, and one of the major ojú odù
    Synonym: Ìká méjì

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