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Japonise (third-person singular simple present Japonises, present participle Japonising, simple past and past participle Japonised)

  1. Alternative form of Japanize
    • 1928, Sherard Vines, Humours unreconciled: a tale of modern Japan, page 200:
      She must either "Japonise" her modernism more thoroughly, or else understand all the associations that are linked, in the Occident, to certain objects. But what on earth is the use of Christmas in Japan?
    • 1969, Kenneth Macpherson, Close Up - Volume 1, page 53:
      It can destroy or it can build up Character, it can Americanise, Japonise, Germanise, the world.
    • 2007, Basil Hall Chamberlain, (Please provide the book title or journal name):
      Not only so:—they wish to Japonise Christianity itself, in essence as well as in outward form, and seem inclined to throw over-board even that minimum of dogma on which the Protestant missionaries feel bound to insist