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Japonize (third-person singular simple present Japonizes, present participle Japonizing, simple past and past participle Japonized)

  1. Alternative form of Japanize
    • 1903, Appleton's Annual Cyclopedia and Register of Important Events of the Year 1902, page 356:
      The principle is to Japonize as much as possible the natives, whose minds are impregnated with Chinese thought, and who are pro-Chinese in nearly everything.
    • 1943, United States. Congress. House. Committee on Immigration and Naturalization, Repeal of the Chinese Exclusion Acts, page 215:
      But if China deserts us and if they Japonize the Chinese, you gentlemen are going to think that the gates of hell have been left ajar. If they ever succeed in Japonizing the Chinese and the Hindus, the white race is through.
    • 1945, Robert Oleson Ballou, Shinto, the Unconquered Enemy, page 67:
      A delegation sent to Europe, headed by Hirobumi Ito, found the Prussian oligarchic government best suited to their needs, and, with certain modifications to Japonize it, the German form was adopted as a model in the establishment of the Japanese Constitution of 1889.
    • 1979, José E. Romero, Not So Long Ago, page 168:
      Before the effects of the counteroffensive of the Americans and the allies in the Southwest Pacific were felt in the Philippines, the Japanese seemed to be in a hurry to Japonize the Philippines.