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Proper noun[edit]

Karo Batak

  1. An Austronesian language that is spoken by the Karo people of Indonesia; ISO code btx.
    • 1988, Austronesian Root Theory: An Essay on the Limits of Morphology (R. A. Blust), page 12:
      Thus, when Brandstetter compares Karo Batak kilkil "to gnaw", Bisayan baŋkil "to bite" he is justified in regarding this as evidence — albeit very slender evidence — for an "Original Indonesian" root kil.
    • 2002, The history and typology of western Austronesian voice systems (Fay Wouk, Malcolm Ross), page 2 and page 467:
      Karo Batak (spoken in Sumatra, Indonesia)
      Table 13: Karo Batak verb forms (Norwood)
    • 2005, Martin Haspelmath, The World Atlas Of Language Structures, page 379:
      [] interrogative pronoun, as in the example in (6) from Karo Batak (Austronesian; Sumatra, Indonesia).