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Medieval form of the Latin saint's name Clemens, cognate with English Clement.

  • Klemetti and its variant forms were possibly confused with, or used as a Christian forms of, the ancient Finnish name Lemmitty, Lemmetty.


  • IPA(key): /ˈklemetːi/, [ˈkle̞me̞t̪ːi]
  • Rhymes: -emetːi
  • Syllabification: Kle‧met‧ti

Proper noun[edit]


  1. A male given name common in the Middle Ages but rare today.
  2. a surname originating as a patronymic.


Inflection of Klemetti (Kotus type 5*C/risti, tt-t gradation)
nominative Klemetti Klemetit
genitive Klemetin Klemettien
partitive Klemettiä Klemettejä
illative Klemettiin Klemetteihin
singular plural
nominative Klemetti Klemetit
accusative nom. Klemetti Klemetit
gen. Klemetin
genitive Klemetin Klemettien
partitive Klemettiä Klemettejä
inessive Klemetissä Klemeteissä
elative Klemetistä Klemeteistä
illative Klemettiin Klemetteihin
adessive Klemetillä Klemeteillä
ablative Klemetiltä Klemeteiltä
allative Klemetille Klemeteille
essive Klemettinä Klemetteinä
translative Klemetiksi Klemeteiksi
instructive Klemetein
abessive Klemetittä Klemeteittä
comitative Klemetteineen
Possessive forms of Klemetti (type risti)
possessor singular plural
1st person Klemettini Klemettimme
2nd person Klemettisi Klemettinne
3rd person Klemettinsä

Related terms[edit]