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Alternative forms[edit]


kristillinen (Christian) +‎ demokraatti (democrat), calque of German Christdemokrat

Proper noun[edit]

Kristillisdemokraatit (pl; initialism KD)

  1. The Christian Democrats (political party in many countries, especially in Europe and Latin America)
  2. Short for Suomen Kristillisdemokraatit, a Christian Democratic party in Finland.

Usage notes[edit]

  • The verb connected to this term is usually in plural but may be in singular when referring to the Christian Democratic party as a formal entity:
  • Kristillisdemokraatit vaatii uudistuksia. (verb in singular: refers to the accepted, official stand of the party)
    • The Christian Democrats demand reforms.
  • Kristillisdemokraatit äänestivät lakiesitystä vastaan. (verb in plural: refers to the representatives of the party)
    • The Christian Democrats voted against the proposed law.
  • For the practices regarding capitalization, see the usage note under kokoomus.


Inflection of Kristillisdemokraatit (Kotus type 5/risti, tt-t gradation)
nominative Kristillisdemokraatit
genitive Kristillisdemokraattien
partitive Kristillisdemokraatteja
illative Kristillisdemokraatteihin
singular plural
nominative Kristillisdemokraatit
accusative nom. Kristillisdemokraatit
genitive Kristillisdemokraattien
partitive Kristillisdemokraatteja
inessive Kristillisdemokraateissa
elative Kristillisdemokraateista
illative Kristillisdemokraatteihin
adessive Kristillisdemokraateilla
ablative Kristillisdemokraateilta
allative Kristillisdemokraateille
essive Kristillisdemokraatteina
translative Kristillisdemokraateiksi
instructive Kristillisdemokraatein
abessive Kristillisdemokraateitta
comitative Kristillisdemokraatteineen

Derived terms[edit]