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Reduplication of Let, short for {[m|tl|Leticia}}


  • Hyphenation: let‧let

Proper noun[edit]


  1. A diminutive of the female given name Leticia.
    • 2000, Jaime L. An Lim, Christine Godinez-Ortega, Anthony L. Tan, Native Words, Native Roots: The 7th Iligan National Writers Workshop
      Dati pag walang pasok Pumupunta ako kina Letlet. #* 1992, Philippine Journal of Education
      Mali: Nakagawian na ni Lito ang pagsumbong sa guro kapag may ibang batang nanghaharot sa kanya. Tama: ... ang pagsusumbong sa guro kapag may ibang batang nanghaharot sa kanya. Mali: Si Chita ang nakakabatang kapatid ni Letlet.
    • 2001, Filipinas
      Dresses by her other daughter Letlet Quehle can now be ordered in Malu's shop. Likewise, Letlet's shop in the San Antonio Arcade in Forbes Park also carries Malu's pina dresses and these are selling very well. The foyer across Malu's ...