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Proper noun[edit]

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Lower Mainland

  1. The southeast corner of mainland British Columbia, including Vancouver and its outlying municipalities.
    • 1999, Louisa Gradnitzer & Todd Pittson, X Marks The Spot: On Location With The X-Files, Arsenal Pulp Press (1999), →ISBN, page 169:
      The only other swingspans in the Lower Mainland straddle the Pitt River, the Fraser River at Annacis Island, and the middle arm of the Fraser River in Richmond.
    • 2008, Patrick Twomey, Working and Living in Canada, Cadogan Guides (2008), →ISBN, page 37:
      The economy of the Lower Mainland, like other urban areas in Canada, is service-driven and the IT sector has done well.
    • 2011, Jon C. Stott, Beer Quest West: The Craft Brewers of Alberta and British Columbia, Touch Wood Editions (2011), →ISBN, page 113:
      In 1860, two years after Victoria Brewery had become the first brewery west of what is now Ontario, the Lower Mainland's first brewery opened in New Westminster.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:Lower Mainland.

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