Lucky Charms

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Trademark, launched in the 1960s.

Proper noun[edit]

Lucky Charms

  1. A breakfast cereal containing a combination of wheat-based pieces and marshmallows shaped like various objects which symbolize good luck in different cultures.
    • 2001, Paul Kafka-Gibbons, DuPont Circle: A Novel, page 12:
      He holds a bowl of Lucky Charms in his left hand and extends his right. "I don't usually eat these. Nita was having some." "I do," Louisa says.
    • 2002, Daisy Hernández; Bushra Rehman, Colonize This!: Young Women of Color on Today's Feminism, page 362:
      I'd eat two bowls of Lucky Charms and the next thing you know, I'd be sticking the spoon down my throat.
    • 2005, Nedra M. Shivers, Redeeming Daddy, page 1:
      I don't give a damn where yo' Lucky Charms-eating ass came from; just get yo' leprechaun ass up front to the visiting room now!
    • 2007, Rhonda Pollero, Knock Off, page 28:
      One of the greatest joys of living alone is the complete freedom to eat Lucky Charms by the handfuls straight out of the box.