M62 corridor

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Named after the M62 motorway that runs east-west across the north of England from Liverpool to Hull.

Proper noun[edit]

The M62 in relation to major northern cities.

M62 corridor

  1. The conurbations along the M62, including Merseyside, Warrington, Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire and Hull.
  2. The area where rugby league dominates over rugby union; rugby league fandom.
    • 2014 November 20, Gavin Willacy "After losing the Four Nations final, are Australia gearing up for an Ashes tour?", The Guardian
      The USARL’s first major event as the new governing body will be a fiesta in Florida as Leeds return to Jacksonville in January, facing the US Pioneers, a domestic representative team. Meanwhile, thanks to the heroic work of Romeo Monteith and his colleagues, Jamaica now has two divisions in their league. Our game is booming in the most unlikely of places. That M62 corridor is getting rather long.
    • 2015 February 13, Mark Smith, "Super League Magic Weekend proves North East fans back big events", Newcastle Chronicle
      Those in the M62 corridor have more than a passing tendency to exhibit bitterness at rugby union’s global appeal and national media profile rather than simply celebrating the plus points of each other’s games.