Maduro diet

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Proper noun[edit]

Maduro diet

  1. (informal) Derisive term referring to starvation in Venezuela (perceived to be) due to policies implemented by president Maduro.
    • 2017, Alexander Parker, ‎Tim Richman, 50 People Who Messed up the World, →ISBN, page 72:
      Long-forgotten diseases such as diphtheria had returned, along with malnutrition; 'the Maduro diet' led to three-quarters of the population losing eight kilograms or more in 2016.
    • 2016, The Week, page 8:
      During a nationally televised speech this week, Maduro asked an audience member why he was so skinny, and one woman shouted out “the Maduro diet”—a common phrase among increasingly hungry Venezuelans.
    • 2017, Mariana Zuñiga and Nick Miroff, Venezuela’s paradox: People are hungry, but farmers can’t feed them[1]:
      This collective emaciation is referred to dryly here as “the Maduro diet,” but it’s a level of hunger almost unheard-of outside war zones or areas ravaged by hurricane, drought or plague.