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Borrowed from Japanese 松平 (Matsudaira).

Proper noun[edit]

Matsudaira (plural Matsudairas)

  1. A surname from Japanese.
    • 1973, Staff writer(s), Report to the Governor on Discrimination Against Asians: Public Hearing Conducted on March 3, 1973, Seattle, Washington, Washington (State). Asian-American Advisory Council, page vi:
      Staff assistance was provided by Council Director Martin Matsudaira.
    • 1982, Mayumi Tsutakawa and Alan Chong Lau, Turning Shadows Into Light: Art and Culture of the Northwest's Early Asian/Pacific Community, Young Pine Press, page 1901:
      Zoe Dusanne, one of the area's first gallery owners, took an interest in four of the young Japanese painters -- Nomura, Tsutakawa, Horiuchi and John Matsudaira, a Nisei painter in the area.
    • 1996, Yoji Yamaguchi, A Student's Guide to Japanese American Genealogy, Greenwood Publishing Group, page 50:
      Kinjiro Matsudaira became the first Japanese American mayor in the United States when the city of Edmonston, Maryland, elected him in 1927.
    • 2016, Lim Hock, Phua Kok Khoo and Tan Bernard, 50 Years of Science in Singapore, World Scientific, page 197:
      Hew Choy Leung and Paul Matsudaira were the NUS and MIT coordinators for this joint program.




  1. Rōmaji transcription of まつだいら