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Blend of McDonald's +‎ shit (omitting the apostrophe).

Proper noun


  1. (vulgar, derogatory, informal, rare) McDonald's (the fast food restaurant chain).
    • 1997, M. Drazen, “Killington purchase?”, in rec.skiing.alpine, Usenet[1], retrieved 13 July 2018:
      Plans include a skithru McShittles, a skithru hummer shack, a skithru sushi bar, a warp speed funicular, a skithru virtual reality ski-arcade. You'll love it. Buy now and save.
    • 2000, Alistair Mann, “BNP censorship”, in soc.culture.british, Usenet[2], retrieved 13 July 2018:
      The Chip and the French Fry are nouns to denote very different things. On one hand the French Fry (especiallyu[sic] from McShittles) has a fried outside and nothing of consequence inside, whilst the Chip has both a fried outside, and as consequence of having less surface area to mass, has cooked potatoe[sic] inside.
    • 2004, Roger Morgan, “WHY DO NIGGERS CHASE WHITE CHICKS?”, in soc.culture.african.american, Usenet[3], retrieved 13 July 2018:
      When you stop working at McShittles then you can try to spar mentally with me.