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Proper noun[edit]

Mighty Mouse (plural Mighty Mouses or Mighty Mice)

  1. The Terrytoons superhero cartoon mouse.
    • 1985, Arlene Croce, "Dancing: Singular Sensations", The New Yorker, June 24, 1985 page 90
      At five feet two inches, he's the Mighty Mouse of the company—not only its shortest dancer but its most glibly proficient.
    • 1997, Lee K. Abbott, "A Creature out of Palestine", in Wet Places at Noon (University of Iowa Press) page 141
      ... your mother, Beverly, the Mighty Mouse of domestic engineering ...
    • 2012, Carol Anshaw, Carry the One (Simon and Schuster) page 150
      Oh boy. The Kenney sisters are out in force today. Moral Mighty Mouses.
    • 2012, Pam Ciampi, "2013 Weekly Forecasts", in Llewellyn's 2013 Daily Planetary Guide (Llewellyn Worldwide) page 47
      But there's a completely different message on the radar when intense Pluto turns retrograde on Friday, April 12. This U-turn from the Mighty Mouse of the zodiac launches a five-month period of examining your navel.
  2. A small U.S. military rocket from the 1950s.