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Alternative forms[edit]


Miniconjou +‎ -x




  1. plural of Miniconjou
    • 1959, Brand Book VI–XII, page 44:
      But most spectacular of all are those covering the massacre of Big Foot’s band of Miniconjoux Sioux at Wounded Knee, where the Seventh Cavalry obtained its revenge for the wiping out of the Custer command in the Battle of the Little Big Horn.
    • 2004, C.H. Foertmeyer, Moon Cave, iUniverse, ISBN 0595762999, chapter xiv: “The Warning”, page 134:
      Scott had just finished tying down his load when he looked up to see a circle of Sioux Indians around them; Miniconjoux, by the looks of them.
    • 2009, Jill St. Germain, Broken Treaties: United States and Canadian Relations with the Lakotas and the Plains Cree, 1868–1885, University of Nebraska Press, ISBN 9780803215894, chapter v: “Negotiating the Relationship: The Treaty of 1868, 1871–1875”, page 167:
      The real problem was the “four hundred lodges consisting of Miniconjoux and Sans Arcs Indians who objected to being counted on the grounds that by being counted many of their young men will be frightened and go away and will probably commit depredations upon the whites and Indians who are permanently located here.”