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A French spelling of an Arabic-derived form for Moses. From Arabic مُوسَى (mūsā) or its derivatives (such as Fula Muusaa, Turkish Musa, Wolof Musaa).

Proper noun[edit]

Moussa m

  1. A male given name, Musa; widely used in Islamic North and West Africa.
    • 1963, Nicolas Bouvier, L'Usage du Monde, 2005 ed., Payot & Rivages, →ISBN, p. 166
      Moussa était l'unique enfant d'un arbab turc du bout de notre rue, un jeunot cordial et désœuvré qui passait son temps à chasser, peindre des miniatures, et relire indéfiniment en traduction persane Les Misérables qui l'enflammaient de chimères héroïques et de passions égalitaires.
      Mussa was the only son of a Turkish arbab who lived at the end of our street, a likeable, idle young fellow who spent is time hunting, painting miniatures, and endlessly re-reading Les Misérables in a Persian translation, which inflamed him with delusions of heroism and egalitarian passions. — 1992, Robyn Marsack (trans.), The Way of the World, 2011 ed., Eland, →ISBN

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