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  1. An emoticon representing a confused, shocked, or frightened face.
    • 2000 July 29, §parkler [username], “OT: AAAAAIIIIEEEE!!!!!!! There's an EMU in my yard!!!! O_O (I'm being honest!!!)”, in alt.toys.my-little-pony[1] (Usenet, in English):
    • 2002 January 14, London Anime Club [username], “Re: This made me look at YATA in a whole new light.. o_o”, in uk.media.animation.anime[2] (Usenet, in English):

      You're actually serious? Umm. hold on whilst I make sure that I can get hold of a whole load of video cameras for the Minami masquerade. Something like this has got to be worth filming, if only to watch you all make absolute tits of yourselves.
    • 2005 December 9, Dale, “Re: [gentoo-user] emerge -e world has Blocks, big time. O_O”, in linux.gentoo.user[3] (Usenet, in English):
      May be a long nap. O_O Looks like folding may run a bit behind schedule this week. LOL