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From Welsh ol ("footprint") and gwen ("white", "fair")


Proper noun[edit]


  1. A female given name from Welsh legend, specifically The Mabinogion.
    • 1994 Robertson Davies, The Cunning Man, Viking 1995, →ISBN, page 428-429:
      - - - her daughter, posthumous child of Gil, to my astonishment christened in St. Aidan's with the name Marion (given by her godmother, a broadcaster friend of Esme) and Olwen (given by me as godfather, who thought Nuala's granddaughter should have a good Celtic name to sustain her through life). To my surprise and pleasure, it was Olwen that Esme chose to use when speaking of, and to, the baby - though she showed an unhappy tendency to shorten it to Ollie, in spite of my protests that this brought to mind not a stately princess, but the fat man in the Laurel and Hardy comedy series.