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Central Franconian[edit]


From Latin pāstor, but both the accent and the vocalism require a pronunciation pastōr (from the inflected forms). Compare the same in Dutch pastoor and, as one of two pronunciations, in German Pastor.



Pastuur m (plural Pastüür or Pastier)

  1. (most dialects) pastor (clergyman who serves a parish)

Usage notes[edit]

  • The plural Pastüür is Ripuarian; the plural Pastier is Moselle Franconian.
  • The Central Franconian language area, traditionally very Catholic, is among the few German regions in which Pastuur, Pastor has been the common word for a Catholic pastor, whereas the word is generally typical of Protestant terminology in German (Catholics preferring Pfarrer). This situation may lead to some insecurity among contemporary speakers of Central Franconian.