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Saint's name from Latin Peregrinus, from peregrinus (foreigner).

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (rather rare) A male given name; and of mostly British usage.
    • 1985 Ruth Rendell: The New Girlfriend: The Fen Hall: page 124, 127:
      Pringle didn't say anything about Roger always being called Hodge. He sensed that Mr. Liddon wouldn't call him Hodge any more than he would call him Pringle. He was right. / "Parents well, are they, Peregrine?" - - - / Hodge capered about, his thumbs in his ears and his hand flapping. "Tweet, tweet, mad bird. His master chains him up like a dog. Tweet, tweet, birdie!" / "I'd rather be a hunting falcon than Roger the lodger the sod," said Pringle.