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Proper noun[edit]

Pol'šanma (genitive Pol'šanman, partitive Pol'šanmad)

  1. Poland


Inflection of Pol'šanma (inflection type 13/ma)
nominative sing. Pol'šanma
genitive sing. Pol'šanman
partitive sing. Pol'šanmad
partitive plur.
singular plural
nominative Pol'šanma
accusative Pol'šanman
genitive Pol'šanman
partitive Pol'šanmad
essive-instructive Pol'šanman
translative Pol'šanmaks
inessive Pol'šanmas
elative Pol'šanmaspäi
illative Pol'šanmaha
adessive Pol'šanmal
ablative Pol'šanmalpäi
allative Pol'šanmale
abessive Pol'šanmata
comitative Pol'šanmanke
prolative Pol'šanmadme
approximative I Pol'šanmanno
approximative II Pol'šanmannoks
egressive Pol'šanmannopäi
terminative I Pol'šanmahasai
terminative II Pol'šanmalesai
terminative III Pol'šanmassai
additive I Pol'šanmahapäi
additive II Pol'šanmalepäi