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This Proto-Japonic entry contains reconstructed terms and roots. As such, the term(s) in this entry are not directly attested, but are hypothesized to have existed based on comparative evidence.






  1. middle
  2. inside
    Synonym: *utuy


  • Old Japanese: (na, naka)
    • Japanese: (naka)
  • Proto-Ryukyuan: *naka
    • Northern Ryukyuan:
      • Kikai:
        Aden: () (tone class C)
        Araki: () (tone class C)
        Kamikatetsu: () (tone class C)
        Nakasato: () (tone class C)
        Onotsu: () (tone class BC)
        Sakamine: () (tone class C)
        Shiomichi: () (tone class C)
        Shitōke: () (tone class BC)
        Wan: () (tone class C)
      • Kunigami:
        Nakijin: (nahā) (tone class C)
      • Northern Amami-Oshima:
        Naze: () (tone class C)
      • Okinawan:
        Shuri: (nāka) (tone class C)
      • Oki-No-Erabu:
        Wadomari: () (tone class A)
      • Toku-No-Shima:
        Asama: () (tone class AC)
      • Yoron: () (tone class C)
    • Southern Ryukyuan:
      • Miyako:
        Bora: (naka)
        Hirara: (naka)
        Ikema: (naka) (tone class C)
        Irabu: (naka)
        Karimata: ()
        Kuninaka: (naka)
        Minna: (naka) (tone class C)
        Nobaru: (naka)
        Ōgami: (naka)
        Ōura: (naka)
        Tarama: (naka) (tone class C)
        Shimajiri: (naka)
      • Yaeyama:
        Hateruma: (naga) (tone class A)
        Hatoma: (naka) (tone class A)
        Ishigaki: (naka) (tone class A)
      • Yonaguni: (naga) (tone class C)