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@Leasnam, Korn ('cause of diff, diff):

  • (East-Frisian, only a mentioning, not durably archived) has Dacks = Dachs
  • Joachim Mähl, Reineke Voß. Ut frier Hand (1878) [1] has Dacks
  • Bornemann, Plattdeutsche Gedichte (1810, 1820, 1868) [2][3][4] has Dacks (and also Voß, Dackshund (1810, 1820) or Teckelhund (1868))
  • Carl Kindermann, Feldblomenstruß. Humoristisch-plattdeutsche Gedichte (1882) [5] has (.. Jochen ... slöp grad as son) Dacks, in rhyme to (... kriggt he en) Backs)
  • Johann Bugenhagen, Dat heilige Evangelium na de plattdütsche Översettung (1884) [6] has Dacks = Dächer = housetops

(Of course, comparing Fuchs=Voß and Dachs=Dacks somethings seems odd, as one might rather assume Voß/*Daß or *Vocks/Dacks.) - 14:16, 13 March 2018 (UTC)

There is absolutely no way for Low German /dasː/, which retains no trace of /x/, to evolve on to /daks/. East Frisian "dacks" could be of Frisian influence, as Frisian's native form should be 'taks', which is used in some Low German. Borneman uses High German right next to 'Dacks', by replacing native 'bever' with German 'Biber'. I know that /dasː/ and /daːs/ are still used today too. Korn [kʰũːɘ̃n] (talk) 15:30, 13 March 2018 (UTC)