S@SideChesthigh-PalmAcross-S@SideTrunkhigh-PalmAcross CirclesMidline-CirclesMidline

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American Sign Language[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]

  • Circle hands faster to indicate more vigorous activity, e.g. a fast-paced run.
  • Circle hands slower to indicate more leisurely activity, e.g. a relaxed jog.
  • Make larger circles to indicate more effort, e.g. a lengthy run.


Imitative of jogging.


left-hand S palm-right right-hand S palm-left away from body right side of chest left-hand arcs in circles up repeatedly right-hand arcs out circles down repeatedly
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  1. A jog.
  2. A run.
    "My run on the treadmill today went very well!"


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  1. To jog.
  2. To run.
    "I am running right now on the treadmill."