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Etymology 1[edit]

From Middle High German schale, from Old High German scala, from Proto-Germanic *skalō. Cognate with German Schale, Dutch schaal; also related to English shell.


Schuel f (plural Schuelen)

  1. shell
  2. peel, skin, rind (of fruit, cheese, etc.)
  3. bark (of a tree)

Etymology 2[edit]

Ultimately from Middle High German schāle, from Old High German scāla, from Proto-Germanic *skēlō. Compare German Schale, Dutch schaal.

The expected Luxembourgish form of this word would be *Schol. While there could have been an early merger with etymology 1, the word is rare or appears in non-native form also in bordering dialects of Central Franconian. Therefore it is more likely that it is a borrowing from German, which appears as Schuel by analogy (so-called Einlautung).


Schuel f (plural Schuelen)

  1. bowl, dish