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Alternative forms[edit]


snow +‎ -mageddon

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (informal) A severe blizzard or series of blizzards affecting one locale.
    • 2008 December 17, “'Snow-mageddon' in Toronto?”, in CBC News:
      A weather bulletin from Environment Canada warned that much of southern Ontario will be hit Friday and Sunday by significant snowstorms. The storms appear ominous enough that officials compiling the bulletin actually wrote, "Could this be snow-mageddon?"
    • 2008, Chris Wright, Winter Blast‎:
      Unfortunately, their peaceful existence would soon be disturbed by a new villain. More evil and twice as despicable, Snowmageddon had come to town.
    • 2010 Rose A. Valenta, Sitting on Cold Porcelain, Xlibris Corporation, →ISBN, page 17:
      It was Super Bowl 44 Sunday. Snowmageddon was upon us like “The Day After Tomorrow.”
    • 2010 February 6, “‘Snowmageddon’ brings Washington to a standstill”, The Guardian



  • “Obama calls capital's blizzard `Snowmageddon'”, in Google news[1], Google, February 6, 2010, retrieved February 11, 2010