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Map including SO-CH'E (YARKAND) (AMS, 1966)


From Mandarin 莎車莎车 (Suōchē), Wade-Giles romanization: So¹-chʻê¹.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. Alternative form of Shache (Yarkant)
    • 1964, William Samolin, East Turkistan to the Twelfth Century[1], The Hague: Mouton & Co, page 27:
      During this period the Hsiung-nu were weak and failed to assert their power in the region. The more powerful states, Shan-shan (75) in the Lop region, So-ch'e (76) (Yarqand) and Yü-t'ien (77) (Khotan) had begun to absorb their lesser neighbors.
    • 1964, YARKAND (Encyclopedia Britannica)‎[2], volume 23, page 877:
      Upon emerging from the Kunlun gorges, the Yarkand loses the characteristics of a raging mountain torrent and spreads out in many branches over an alluvial fan to irrigate the Yarkand oasis. The oasis, one of the largest in Sinkiang, contains the towns of Yarkand (So-ch'e) and Tse-p'u (Posgam). Upon leaving the Yarkand oasis, the river flows north past Mai-kai-t'i (Merket-Bazar) and then northeast around the eastern margins of the Takla Makan desert. South of the Aksu oasis it joins the Kashgar, Aksu and Khotan rivers to form the Tarim.