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sub- +‎ Sahara

Proper noun[edit]


  1. sub-Saharan Africa
    • 1989, Giacomo Giacobini, Hominidae: Actes Du 2ème Congrès International de Paléontologie Humaine, page 63:
      Neogene mammalian faunas in [the] Subsahara region
    • 1986, Nancy Curry, The Feeling Child: Affective Development Reconsidered, page 116:
      [] Large-scale natural disaster (e.g., drought and famine in Subsahara or Cambodia) []
    • 1992, National Association of Credit Men (U.S.), Credit Manual of Commercial Laws, page 29:10:
      IFC also takes an active role in the identification and promotion of projects, especially in Subsahara, the Caribbean and the South Pacfic, []