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Don't delete the only available translation of this word. Say what needs to be changed to improve the entry instead.

I think users will want to see example sentences in Russian. Giving English examples clarify the definitions, but does nothing to help users with the usage of these definitions in Russian
Actually, I believe that they will want to see some proper formatting. Razorflame 09:15, 30 January 2010 (UTC)
English sentences provide context. For example, "to iron" has multiple meanings in English, and the Russian verb maps only to one of those meanings, which is used in the sentence.
Yes I do not disagree with you, that's the essence of my second sentence (Giving English examples clarify the definitions). However, there are much more presentable methods to provide context than giving example sentences, which, in this dictionary, are conventionally used to provide examples of context in the language of the entry itself. Have a look around and get a feel for how the contexts in both the source and target languages are handled. Here is one method - an example is this Dutch word and how its definitions are placed into context. Another method is to use words that have synonymous or closely related meanings to the sense that you are trying to describe, e.g. voorstellen