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Historical notes[edit]

The patron saint of England is St George, while that of Scotland is St Andrew. (This heritage is reflected in the Union Flag, on which the crosses of Sts George and Andrew are superimposed). The two neighbors have had a complicated relationship over the centuries, from friendly rivalry to bloody warfare. The name Geordie is a Scots diminutive form of George, and naturally has been used by Scottish people as both a friendly nickname and a sarcastic pejorative for their southern neighbors. The coin called Geordie originally had an image of St George on it.

I vote for "Historical notes" to remain in the article[edit]

… in the same manner that such elements appear right along with the entry in other dictionaries (for example, AHD4's five types of "Note" elements: Synonym, Usage Note, Word History, Regional Note, and Our Living Language.) However, I have not yet investigated Wiktionary's policies on such things, so I will just voice my preference here for now, till I have time to read up on it all. Lumbercutter 02:10, 25 October 2006 (UTC)