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It is an arabic word, and arabic is very specific. It is most definately an 'S' sound, and there is no way a 'Z' sound is present, as that is another letter altogether. Hence, it is pronounced IS-LAAM: 'IS' as in the 'IS' in the name 'Chris', and 'LAAM' is just a slight prolongation of the 'LAM' in 'laminate'.

Hmm . . . we say (correctly) that Allah means God in general, not just in Islam. The formula "There is no god but Allah ..." is the traditional English translation, with the implication that Allah is the Muslim god in particular.

Actually, is it correct to say that Allah means God in general? In Arabic it does, but English usuage tends to refer to the Muslim concept, particularly as opposed to the Christian one (glossing over the fact that Islam considers them to be the same god). -dmh 20:16, 18 Nov 2004 (UTC)

EDIT - Definitions of all major religions should follow same format in description. This is to ensure accuracy and also to disallow emotionally charged or biased definitions on the religion. A religion is defined most importantly by its text (name). If you have any additions to make, please make them secondary definitions.

Please make a correction : Islam was not founded by prophet Mohammed(pbuh), Islam exists since day 1, from when the world started.

Any real study of Islam reveals that Islam was not actually started by the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), instead it is said that Islam was finally defined by him, not founded. Please correct the definition accordingly as this error misconstrues what Islam really is.

I sure hope you're not suggesting we edit a Wiktionary page to present as fact the religious belief that Islam has been around since the world came into existence. (I think we're already being very indulgent by adding "pbuh" after the prophet's name.) Fyrius 19:49, 30 November 2009 (UTC)
god in general - إله (ˀilaah), Allah - الله (allaah). Anatoli 21:34, 30 November 2009 (UTC)