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This is the etymology of apron as given in the Macquarie Dictionary.

[ME napron (napron being later taken as an apron), from OF naperon, diminutive of nape, from L nappa napkin, cloth]

I didn't include it in the article as I'm unsure if to do so would breach copyright. —This comment was unsigned.

We usually examine multiple sources, especially using You might be amused to look at Category:English nouns which have interacted with their indefinite article. DCDuring TALK 00:19, 18 September 2009 (UTC)

GeoNames Definition[edit]

According to An apron is listed in the category U undersea APNU apron a gentle slope, with a generally smooth surface, particularly found around groups of islands and seamounts

According to Wikipedia, it focus on the Clothing defintion, so i believe that Wikipedia should also be corrected Looking at It lists, "Another term for linkspan, and is used as a ramp to connect shoreside facilities with a barge or ferry at a ferry slip."

However, the source of geonames is from the USGS (i believe), and it seems that the term is used to show the underwater linkage for islands. ie. if the tide was low enough, it would be visable and called a "Tombolo"

So this would be an undersea tombolo? ie. fully submerged, and a danger to marine navigation.