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I've added some more definitions. The existing translations may be associated with the wrong meanings, and need to be checked. I've marked them with comments to indicate which ones are still suspect. Ortonmc 00:43, 9 Dec 2003 (UTC)

Furniture moving[edit]

   I haven't found any source for it, but there's a technique used by professional furniture movers, that is metaphorically called "bending". Typically the item being "bent" has legs, such that people tend to believe that tipping it on its side will not suffice to permit moving it thru the path between the rooms it is leaving and intended for, without disassembling the item. Such belief rests on an analysis that ignores concavities of the item, e.g failing to consider that many tables can fit into oddly shaped spaces that could not accommodate a box with the same outside dimensions, for instance by having its legs "straddle" an obstruction: for instance, when a four-foot-high, four-by-four table is tipped on its side, it may be possible to pass it thru a three-foot-wide doorway by rotating it 90° or more as it passes thru the door. That operation is described as "bending the table through the doorway".
   (It may or not be a natural extension of the term to describe as bending an operation where a convex (e.g. flat) item is turned thru an opening by carriers who make a point of staying on one side of their burden, in order to stay out of the space on its other side, which it may thus sweep thru unobstructed.)
--Jerzyt 20:59, 22 October 2011 (UTC)