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Earliest Usenet uses via Google Groups:

  • Bingo wing (attributive): aus.culture.gothic - Feb 24 2002, 1:09 pm by Neef
    Tori is a filfthy filthy slag of a woman with Bingo wing arm­s, No voice to speak off and a capacity for lyrics that should mak­e even Nostradamus confused, Shakespeare despair and Allen Ginsberg­ reach for a shotgun.
  • bingo wings (quoted, attributive): alt.usage.english - Jun 18 2002, 7:43 am by AlbertPeasemarch
    (It takes something for a gambit to attr­act no responses on this garrulous newsgroup, but my "bingo wings" ­post achieved just that distinction.)
  • Bingo Wings (capitalised): - May 14 2003, 5:55 am by Andrew Banks
    It can't be that bad Carol - surely you aren't suffering fro­m Bingo Wings at your age?
  • bingo wings: - Jul 31 2003, 9:00 am by Mushu
    lol - neither - I'd have to cover my bingo wings!!!
  • bingo wing (attributive): - Jan 10, 11:53 pm by Tony McChrystal
    I liked Eddie Honda purely for his thousand flabby armed bingo wing attack.

Earliest news uses via Google News since 1 Jan 2005:

  • bingo wings (quoted): The Sunday Times, UK - Jan 15, 2005
    One Irish model came in to Henry’s gym recently complaining that she had “bingo wings”, so-called after the flabby upper arms of some older women who play the game.
  • bingo wings (not quoted): Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - Jan 26, 2005
    subscription needed for context

Some Australian synonyms are aunty arms, good-bye muscle, piano arm, reverse biceps, tuckshop arm, widow’s curtain. See 06:52, 30 Jan 2005 (UTC)