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"Birl = boy-girl" is a made-up meaning that's not recognized in any real dictionaries ( doesn't count). Stop removing the real meaning of birl (to rotate a log by treading on it) with this made-up non-word.

"birl" meaning boy-girl does not meet the criteria laid out [1]

Attestation “Attested” means verified through Clearly widespread use, Usage in a well-known work, Appearance in a refereed academic journal, or Usage in permanently recorded media, conveying meaning, in at least three independent instances spanning at least a year.

A quick Google search shows that "birl" meaning boy-girl does not meet any of the above criteria for attestation. Please do not add that meaning, much less delete the widely accepted meaning (to spin, or to cause a log to spin by treading on it) again.

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From w:Talk:Birl:

The word Birl means a few things:

BIRL v. To revolve a log in the water while standing on it.

...for instance

--jenlight 13:48, 6 March 2006 (UTC)

birl (bagpiping)[edit]

In bagpiping, a birl is a type of grace note movement that quickly switches between low-A and low-G a couple times, producing a low rippling sound.
Reference: (among others)
Darin McGrew 08:17, 19 November 2009 (UTC)