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I have replaced the previous definition which does not fit with any common use and contradicts the information in the 'pedia.

This was almost immediately edited, apparantly just for the sake of it, removing my researched definition and replacing it with three more or less inaccurate ones that are not in accordance with the 'pedia, let alone common usage.

I would respectfully suggest that whoever is busybodying themselves revising entries that have just been altered should retrict themslves to those words they actually know the meaning of.

Why is this entry being vandalised by someone called "semperblotto"?

He's changing the definition to one that is quite simply WRONG.

Dhal refers to any husked pulse not any pulse.

The pigeon pea as not "dahl", if husked it is simply "a dahl"

The dish dahl, as he himself has shown with the defived words can be made from any pulse.