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Earliest Usenet uses via Google Groups:

  • data mining: news.announce.conferences - Sep 25 1991, 10:22 pm by Sharma Chakravarthy
    In addition, it is vital to keep on top of developing themes, like the changes brought about by new technologies: object oriented programmming, optical storage and data mining.
  • data-mining: - Oct 19 1992, 2:43 am by Jeremy Parsons
    Together, the ICAtools are a useful and flexible package for both the data-mining and the quality control of large DNA sequencing projects.
  • datamining (nonstandard sense?): alt.conspiracy.jfk - Nov 8 1993, 5:26 pm by Paul Collacchi
    FAA asserts that CE399 hit JBC's wrist at 1100/fps. How do they know? I suggest that they "threw" bullets at cadaver wrist until they got one to look better than CE399. Datamining. Did it hit backward? Did it damage the wrist the way CE399 was alleged to hit JBC. Did it tumble? If FAA did NOT replicate the entire event then on what basis do they claim the 1100/fps? Datamining.
  • datamining: comp.databases.theory - Oct 28 1994, 8:51 am by Joe Hellerstein
    (topic line) Things that are hard to do in SQL (datamining?)
    Is this a kind of "datamining", in that we are trying to (a) uncover regularities in the data and then (b) find the exceptions?

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