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I'm not sure of the formatting guidelines, so don't want to make this change myself, but there's a lot of references on the wikipedia page (already linked) that should be copied here. References 1, 2 and 3 from that page should be here, and also the external link to "Double-tongued Word Wrester" should be, I suspect. 09:22, 7 November 2006 (UTC) (JulesH on Wikipedia)

Since the Wikipedia page is already linked via the box at top right, I replaced the footnote reference to that page with the 1995 usage example I'd also provided at Wikipedia. Also, I've created pages to turn the other-forms redlinks blue. This should suffice for a bare dictionary definition (= remove vowels).
For all the details of practice, e.g. forum moderation & software, I think the link to Wikipedia is all the information necessary or appropriate. Just as "Wikipedia isn't a dictionary", Wiktionary isn't an encyclopedia — so here I'll leave out references 2, 3, and "Double-tongued Word Wrester".
Thanks for adding and filling in the en-verb template! – SAJordan talkcontribs 09:01, 8 Nov 2006 (UTC).