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Alternative forms[edit]


Blend of disembowel +‎ vowel.



disemvowel (third-person singular simple present disemvowels, present participle disemvowelling or disemvoweling, simple past and past participle disemvowelled or disemvoweled)

  1. (transitive, humorous) To remove the vowels from.
    • 1906 September 5, Puck, volume 60, number 1540:
      By the way, what has become of the conspiracy of Brander Matthews et als to disemvowel the English language? Not that it matters.
    • 1930, The Judge, volume 98:
      The trick will be in usurping as many vowels as you can, thus disemvoweling the others, and the one with the most words when all or as many letters as possible are used up wins.
    • 1995 October 28, strange days indeed [username], “AA: is that a nerfsword in your pocket, or...”, in bit.listserv.superguy, Usenet[1]:
      "What happened?" the Amigoid asked. / "D'nt knw," she said. "Jst wk p nd hrd y tw tlkng n thn, sddnly nd wtht wrnng, thr ws ths ns." / "What?" Robotech_Master asked. / "I think I know what happened," Lawrence said. "It must be part of the Silliness that's infecting the Author's Altiverse." / "S wht hppnd? / "You've been disemvoweled," the Amigoid informed her.
    • 2012, Ronald Comer, Psychology Around Us, page 18:
      As a result, the disemvoweled comments are less likely to produce the kind of outraged responses a troll finds rewarding. Disemvoweling punishes the troll and has in fact decreased the number of offensive comments and hijacked comment threads on many message boards.