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Alternative forms[edit]


Blend of disembowel +‎ vowel.



disemvowel (third-person singular simple present disemvowels, present participle disemvowelling or disemvoweling, simple past and past participle disemvowelled or disemvoweled)

  1. (transitive, humorous) To remove the vowels from.
    • 1995 October 28, strange days indeed [username], “AA: is that a nerfsword in your pocket, or...”, in bit.listserv.superguy, Usenet[1]:
      "What happened?" the Amigoid asked. / "D'nt knw," she said. "Jst wk p nd hrd y tw tlkng n thn, sddnly nd wtht wrnng, thr ws ths ns." / "What?" Robotech_Master asked. / "I think I know what happened," Lawrence said. "It must be part of the Silliness that's infecting the Author's Altiverse." / "S wht hppnd? / "You've been disemvoweled," the Amigoid informed her.