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Isn't this term also appropriate for someone who is the opposite of a snob?

- I'd say this idiom is the antonym of conceited, with some extra traits maybe thrown in. I believe this also defines the saying in current spoken language. Modern usage as an idiom usually applies to an individual's personality in a affectionate manner. I think that saying someone is straight forward (even affectionately) doesn't do this idiom justice. This is probably an extension of the comment the previous poster mentioned above. Therefore if someone agrees with this I'd say it's warranted the user be allowed to update the definition. I'm not qualified in linguistics or any other relevant major so this is all just my opinion. Hopefully thou my 2c is productive. Also there is no etymology (is that correct usage?) on the page, which is what I was looking for so hopefully someone can add that in at the same time. - Cynicle