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Earliest Usenet uses via Google Groups:

  • edutainment (quoted): comp.ivideodisc - Dec 18 1989, 1:44 pm by Robert Jaquiss
    Multimedia is fast finding its way into the business world as well as the fields of education and entertainment (some say "edutainment").
  • Edutainment (proper noun): alt.rap-gdead - Oct 4 1990, 1:03 am by Chad Mboya-Joe Darby
    But after those two I tend to stay away from the last two albums (Ghetto Music, Edutainment).
  • Edutainment (no sentence context): - Jan 30 1991, 7:17 pm by Bits_of_Ma
  • edutainment (not quoted, in sentence context): alt.cyberpunk - May 5 1991, 7:32 am by J Eric Townsend
    As for the rank on Gibson, read some of the people that influenced him (and maybe get a little edutainment re: 20th C. fiction) and read him again.
  • edutaining (quoted, verb): - Dec 24 1991, 9:56 am by Cannon Joel
    Also, I have always enjoyed educational entertainment -- making learning fun -- and I believe multimedia is the most promising method of successfully "edutaining" students of the future.
  • edutaining (not quoted, adjective): alt.bacchus - Mar 25 1992, 9:48 pm by David Lawrence Miller
    I crave meeting new people and having edutaining conversations, but sometimes it is difficult to start out.
  • Edutainer (proper noun): alt.rap - Feb 17 1993, 1:56 pm by K-Mello SGP '93
    If I'm correct, she is the first artist to sign to KRS-1's Edutainer Records label.
  • Edutainments: - Aug 15 1993, 8:43 am by Brian Sayatovic
    The SB's SCSI interface was designed to work specifically with one drive; the Panasonic one in the Edutainments.
  • Edutain: sci.virtual-worlds - Jun 22 1993, 12:00 am by Mark A. DeLoura
    Let us Edutain You, Tod Foley
  • edutainers (signature line): comp.sys.apple2 - Mar 24 1995, 11:38 am by Juho Antonio Wahlroos
    "ASC,IST,ISL,ISK,...great edutainers"
  • EduTain (trademark?): - Aug 22 1994, 4:04 pm by Mutale Kalenga
    Their South African representatives, EduTain Technologies, (from whom the software was purchased) were contacted on 01/06/94 by fax.
  • edutainments: - Oct 12 1995, 5:41 am by nobody
    Only if you count all the pornographic titles and edutainments as well as games.
    edutained: - Mar 24 1998, 7:29 pm by Sean Flynn
    If I want to be edutained, I listen to BDP/KRS/Main Source
  • edutains (quoted): - May 5 2003, 9:58 am by Jeanette
    "From Lehbanchuleh to all who listen to music that "edutains," inspires and speaks to the heart. Jah bless."

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